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I dislike the tone of this?

I’ve dedicated my life to the World Cup in a country that fucked with our election, but there’s only so much about “tender age shelters” I can read about before going on a rampage, so soccer it is!

Over on Kotaku, a site I don’t regularly visit, I see a WC related post and naturally I want to read the comments. I’m a glutton for punishment and Kotaku’s comments usually punish.


But after actually reading the fucking article, which is rare on the internet these days, I realized I didn’t like its tone very much? Am I in my feelings over this or did it come off as slightly paternalistic? Cleaning up after yourself is the right thing to do, but it reads as if no one would’ve picked up their plastic beer cup after the match before they saw Japanese fans doing it.


I am in my feelings over this, I think.

Anyway, I found it funny how his post is about people adopting a Japanese mannerism that is meant to show respect but he couldn’t be bothered to spell “Colombian” correctly before publishing.


The comments weren’t that bad, btw.

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